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Catching Up With the Guildies #1
Mohini: So you got a girl roommate eh?
Gah Ming: 3 girls, 1 guy.
Mohini: Sounds like the beginning of something good.
Vis: I smell a sitcom!
Wombatt: They make a certain genre of movies that start off like that...
Gah Ming: Oh NO. I would not dig any of these people. Barf.
Wombatt: They make some that involves that too.
Mohini: You'll get desperate and drunk and next thing you know...bam!
Gah Ming: No thank you...
Mohini: "Can I see your little robot?"
Gah Ming: Stop that. I don't even work with robots anymore.
Mohini: They revolted and killed a friend, huh?
Gah Ming: Yeah, swore off them.
Mohini: You can't go cold turkey.
Gah Ming: I do work with Xbox Kinects though... they're like tiny robots.
Mohini: Sounds perverted.
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